Silver BandagesColloidal silver is one of the best topical first aid products known to man. In fact, colloidal silver supports the skin’s natural healing ability so well, that every burn ward in the country has silver creams, silver ointments and silver bandages on hand at all times. For an explanation of how silver benefits the skin, please read the section titled, “Benefits of Silver for the Skin” in my article found here:

Whenever I have the need to use a bandage, such as when I get a cut, scrape, burn, etc., I always apply colloidal silver to the bandage just prior to applying the bandage to my skin. The results are nothing short of miraculous. One day when a cat scratched the inside of my forearm, I took a Band-Aid out of my first aid kit and sprayed colloidal silver onto the white pad. I then immediately put the Band-Aid on my forearm, however the scratch was about 1.5” wide while the bandage was only 1”, so I placed the bandage in the center of the scratch. The next day when I removed the Band-Aid, the skin underneath was completely healed with no sign of ever being scratched, while on each side of where the bandage had been, there were short red dashes. This was visible proof of the amazing power of colloidal silver to speed the skin’s natural healing process.

Best Commercial Silver Bandage

Nowadays, there are a variety of silver coated bandages on the market. By far, the best ones I have ever used are called Silverlon and are manufactured by a company called Argentum Medical LLC out of Chicago. You can purchase their silver bandages by going to I’m in no way affiliated with this company, and I do not receive anything for referring people to them. But their products work so well that I feel obligated to share this information with my customers. We here at Mountain Well-Being hope to be able to carry Silverlon bandages in the near future.

DIY Silver Bandages

For those that like to save money and make things themselves, the good news is that anybody can easily make silver bandages at home by applying colloidal silver or colloidal silver gel to regular bandages, gauze pads, wound dressings, etc. Spray or drop colloidal silver or silver gel directly onto the part of the bandage that will be in contact with the skin requiring healing. For more serious wounds, I recommend keeping the bandage moist at all times with colloidal silver. You cannot overuse colloidal silver topically so don’t hesitate to reapply as often as needed. And if you use Silverlon bandages, the instructions say to moisten the pad before use. I’m sure you can guess which liquid is best for this purpose 🙂

Colloidal Silver is absolutely amazing at helping the skin heal itself. Please share your success stories below.