cocktail with ice, lemon and green lime isolated on whiteThere’s an excellent reason why some people are mixing colloidal silver with their favorite alcoholic beverage, plus a squeeze of lemon juice, and sipping their way to better health. I learned this trick from a kindred spirit in Sweden, a man by the name of Anders Sultan, who owns the largest colloidal silver company in Europe called Ion Silver. He says he hardly ever gets a cold, but if he does, it’s gone within 24 hours because he drinks colloidal silver cocktails.

Anders recommends combining one part colloidal silver with one part of your favorite alcoholic beverage of choice, whether it’s liquor, wine or whatever. I personally feel liquor works best, but any alcohol safe to drink should work. Add to the cocktail a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and take small sips every 5 minutes or so for 1-2 hours. The idea is to keep a slow trickle of silver and alcohol running through your system for an extended period of time.

Many of the viruses that cause the common cold are lipid-coated viruses, meaning they are enveloped in a layer of fat. Colloidal silver is water-based, and water and lipids don’t mix very well. This explains why colloidal silver works better sometimes than others. By sipping on a colloidal silver cocktail, the alcohol and lemon juice help to dissolve the fat layer on the outside of viruses, allowing the silver to come into contact with viruses more easily.

I’ve tried this several times and it works like a charm! The friends I’ve told about this trick have all said it has worked great for them too. Personally, my favorite is a Silver & Silver (silver tequila with colloidal silver).  If I’m not feeling well, I’ll typically mix up 1 oz of clear, silver tequila with 1 oz of colloidal silver and add a squeeze of lemon. I will take baby sips every 5 minutes or so and make the drink last at least an hour. I also like to use colloidal silver in my nebulizer when I’m not feeling well. These two techniques combined have kept me healthy many times. Although I’m sure the lemon juice helps, I’ve had success without it, using only a 1:1 ratio of colloidal silver to alcohol.

As a disclaimer, only people 21 and over should drink alcohol. The point of all this is not to get a strong buzz, but rather to use the alcohol and lemon juice to help deliver a more potent serving of colloidal silver. It’s a little trick to help your colloidal silver work more effectively in times of need. 🙂