Colloidal Silver Sinus SupportColloidal silver has given me the most remarkable and instant relief of sinus problems, better than anything else I’ve ever tried. Whenever I have any type of Sinus Issues – NY Times, my first response is putting colloidal silver up my nasal passageways. It helps every time!

At the first sniffle, I apply colloidal silver, and it usually stops it in its tracks. Then I thought to try colloidal silver, so I put a dropper full up each nostril and instantly the sneezing stopped! It resumed about a half hour later, and one more application of colloidal silver ended it for good.

Although many people love to use Mountain Well-Being’s Colloidal Silver Vertical Spray Bottle for spraying colloidal silver up the nose, my personal favorite way is to take a dropper from a 4.2oz bottle, and with my head tilted back, dispense a full dropper of colloidal silver into each nostril until I feel it run back into my throat. If my nose is stopped up, I may use more than one dropper per nostril.water slide sales

For me, this works a lot better than spraying. It gives a more thorough coverage of my sinus cavities. As an added benefit, a 4.2oz dropper bottle only costs slightly more than a 2.1oz vertical spray bottle and contains twice as much colloidal silver. Plus, the dropper can also be used to drop colloidal silver into the eyes or ears when needed. But for those that love the vertical spray, we will always make that available for you!