My recent experience with canine distemper

A little brown stray dog showed up on my doorstep a few months ago, and he is so sweet and loving, that there was no hesitation to adopt this dog. Plus, my older dog Brutus loves him and they play really well together.

The new little guy was named Taco, because he looks like the typical street dog of Mexico. Taco arrived emaciated and covered with fleas and ticks, but with a little love, he quickly became a healthy looking dog. That is, until he got severely ill a short while later.

Taco developed a very high fever of 106° and almost died. Test results came back positive for distemper, one of the most deadly viruses a dog can get. Between 50% and 70% of dogs that get this disease die from it. And many of the dogs who do survive it end up with permanent neurological issues as a result of the virus attacking the brain.

Because distemper is a virus, there is no “official” cure. The only treatment is antibiotics to treat potential secondary infections, which are likely. So I followed the vet’s instructions and gave Taco antibiotics, but I also began giving him copious amounts of colloidal silver each and every day, multiple times per day.

Distemper is highly contagious so I put both of my dogs on colloidal silver, especially since Brutus began showing signs of the infection, which begins as a thick discharge from the eyes. I poured colloidal silver into each dog’s bowl with their morning and evening meals. I also put colloidal silver into their eyes.

Long story short, Taco has made a full recovery with zero lingering symptoms. He is perfectly healthy today and enjoys mountain bike rides and long hikes. Brutus never actually got sick. He showed symptoms of the same eye discharge that Taco had shortly before getting ill, but Brutus’ immune system kept the virus in check and he never even got a fever.

Is colloidal silver responsible for helping my two dogs beat the odds of a very serious disease? I can’t prove that. But from all the research I’ve done and all the vets I’ve talked with, it seems almost miraculous that two out of two of my dogs fought distemper and won. Since colloidal silver supports immune health, I was very grateful to be able to give that to my dogs in their time of need.

Do you have an animal that has been helped by colloidal silver? We would love to hear your story!