Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – What is Colloidal Silver?

What's the difference between LVDC and HVAC Colloidal Silver?

LVDC stands for “low voltage direct current” and HVAC stands for “high voltage alternating current.” There are claims that one is better than the other. The truth is they are both good, but the difference is in the polarization. LVDC produced silver particles and ions have a natural (positive and negative) charge just like our bodies, and are absorbed and utilized more effectively than the artificial charge of HVAC produced particles. Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver is produced using the preferred LVDC method, creating a superior product. We only use HVAC for producing Colloidal Gold and Copper, since it is difficult to make them with only low voltage.

What does the term 'Tyndall Effect' mean and what is the significance of it?

The term “Tyndall effect” is usually applied to the effect of light scattering on particles in colloid systems. It is named after the Irish scientist John Tyndall. The Tyndall effect can allow you to see particles in water. A weak Tyndall effect indicates smaller particles, while a strong Tyndall effect indicates larger particles.

For Colloidal Silver, a strong Tyndall effect is an indication of larger silver particles and thus less bioavailability, while a weak Tyndall effect indicates smaller particles of silver and thus greater bioavailability. The proper color for top quality Colloidal Silver is clear because any visible color indicates either large particles or additives or both. If the solution is clear and has a very weak Tyndall effect, the particle size is as small as can be made.

A simple test to determine the particle size, and therefore the quality, of Colloidal Silver is to shine a laser beam through the liquid and observe the Tyndall effect. This is best accomplished in a dark place, and can even be performed through an amber bottle, though it is easier to view if the solution is poured into a clear glass vessel. If there is a strongly visible beam of light through the solution, the Colloidal Silver is of poor quality due to large particles. If the laser beam is very faint going through the liquid, it is a high quality product with small particles. The smaller the particles the better and an ionic only solution would reflect no beam.

Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver has the faintest Tyndall effect of any brand on the market, and the solution is crystal clear. This demonstrates the minuteness of the particles and the abundance of silver ions. It is produced using the preferred low voltage, direct current method and contains approximately 85% ions and 15% particles, with the average particle size being less than one micron! At 15ppm, Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver is 1½ times stronger than the industry standard of 10ppm, while the Tyndall effect is, on average, less than half as visible as most other brands.

The Tyndall effect is an excellent way to test the quality of Colloidal Silver. Other Mountain Well-Being products, such as Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Copper Skin Toner, require the use of high voltage electricity which produces mostly particles of gold or copper verses ions. This creates a pronounced Tyndall effect which is normal for these products due to the necessary production methods.

Is Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver always fresh?

In addition to the highest quality, you are assured of a fresh product. Like a battery, electrically charged silver particles are better when fresh and lose strength over time. We make fresh batches frequently, and maintain bottles at room temperature to ensure the longest possible shelf life. Since Colloidal Silver is sensitive to temperature extremes, all shipments are well insulated. And because of its hundreds of applications, Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver is packaged in larger, more convenient sizes of up to one gallon.

What makes Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver better than others?

Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver is guaranteed to be the finest quality available. Each batch contains only two ingredients: 99.9% pure silver (100% is unobtainable) and ultra-pure water. Quality control tests are implemented prior, during, and after production. Our Colloidal Silver is made slowly using a state-of-the-art, commercial generator which automatically reduces voltage as water conductivity increases. This keeps the electrical current constant. The result is suspended, uniform particles of silver which are consistently small, as indicated by our clear solution. The generator also employs a circulation pump during production to provide an even distribution of particles and prevent agglomeration (smaller particles binding together to form larger ones). There does not exist a better way to produce colloidal silver.

Why haven't I heard of Colloidal Silver?

The main reason you haven’t heard of Colloidal Silver is because it has been intentionally suppressed for 65 years. Back in 1938, penicillin was discovered, and that marked the beginning of patentable pharmaceutical antibiotics. Prior to this, silver preparations were used successfully to help many people. However, at the time, the silver preparations were very expensive and unstable. Today, very high quality Colloidal Silver can be produced at affordable prices. Because pharmaceutical companies cannot patent silver, they have a tendency to keep using patented antibiotics that bring higher profits. Unfortunately, the overuse of these antibiotics has created drug resistant strains of bacteria. However, there have been no germs able to build a resistance to the action of silver.

Does Colloidal Silver kill the beneficial bacteria in my body?

Colloidal silver, in normal amounts, is absorbed well before it reaches the intestines, which is where the good bacteria live (approx. 35% in the small intestine and 65% in the large intestine). This quick absorption is because the silver particles are approximately 1000 times smaller than a human blood cell. Since the particles of silver have an opposite charge than the body, they are naturally attracted to our cells, and are quickly absorbed through tissues into the bloodstream. It is recommended that Colloidal Silver is held under the tongue for a minute before swallowing, so much of the silver is absorbed sublingually. The silver is in a colloidal state, just like our bodies, and is readily absorbed. Pharmaceutical antibiotics are in a crystalline state, and take time to digest. This is why they affect the good bacteria in the intestines and Colloidal Silver does not. However, if large amounts of Colloidal Silver are taken, it is possible that a portion could reach the intestines and kill some of the beneficial bacteria, which could cause mild diarrhea. Taking acidophilus or live culture yogurt will help to restore intestinal flora.

I've heard some people say Colloidal Silver can turn your skin blue or grey. Is this true?

Colloidal Silver that is properly made CANNOT cause a condition in which the skin takes on a grey color. This is a rare condition called argyria that can result from consuming large amounts of improperly made silver preparations containing too large of particles, silver compounds such as silver chloride, silver nitrate, and silver citrate, or other additives or stabilizers. Colloidal Silver that has been made by an electro/non-chemical process, as ours is, has never caused argyria. Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver is clear, indicating an extremely small particle size. As a result, the particles are easily eliminated from the body on a continuous basis, and there is no possibility of silver accumulating in the skin.

Can Colloidal Silver be used topically?

FDA regulations only allow supplements to be labeled for ingestion, therefore there is no mention of topical use on our labels. We have created Soothing Silver Gel for topical needs.

Can the Colloidal Copper Skin Toner be used internally?

No. It is strictly for topical use only.

Are Colloidal Solutions safe for children?

Children can safely take half the recommended amounts.

Are there any drug interactions or side effects with your Colloidal Solutions?

There are no drug interactions with our Colloidal Solutions. They are non-toxic, completely safe, and there is no risk of overdose.

Can the body build a tolerance to the action of Colloidal Silver or Gold?

No. Because they are natural minerals, they are non addictive and the body does not develop a tolerance.

What is the proper way to store Colloidal Solutions?

As stated on the labels of our products, Colloidal Solutions need to be stored at room temperature (DO NOT REFRIGERATE) and out of direct light. Temperature extremes can negatively affect quality, which is why we insulate the bottles very well for shipping and always ship via Priority Mail. It is also advisable to keep Colloidal Solutions away from electromagnetic fields, such as refrigerators and computers. These can weaken the electric charge that is on each particle.

What color should Colloidal Gold be?

Colloidal Gold production is special and requires the use of very high-voltage electricity which produces gold particles that absorb all light except the reddish-purple spectrum. Therefore, the proper color of Colloidal Gold is reddish-purple. If it is not this color, it was not made correctly.

What color should Colloidal Silver be?

Color is directly related to particle size. Tiny particles do not reflect any light, resulting in a clear solution. As particle size increases, some light in the yellow spectrum begins to be reflected. As particle size increase further, yellow turns to brown, and eventually to black. The best Colloidal Silver will be clear, as it will have the smallest possible particle size. Our Colloidal Silver is clear, indicating the particles of silver are extremely small, in fact in the submicroscopic range. This is what makes Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver so effective and 100% safe.

Is Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver 'Nano-Silver'?

All Colloidal Silver is nano-silver. This is because the definition of “nano-silver” is “silver particles of between 1 nm and 100 nm in size.” Even the lowest quality products contain silver particles under 100 nm. The average particle size in Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver is approximately 1 nm.