Quality of Colloidal SilverWe often get similar questions about the quality of colloidal silver. Which is better, silver ions or particles? Is 500ppm better than 15ppm? How can I tell if colloidal silver is good or not? I’d like to help clarify the answer to these questions.

Ions vs. Particles

Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver is made using low voltage direct current (LVDC) and contains 80-85% silver ions and 15-20% silver particles, giving the user the best of both worlds. Some companies bash silver ions and try to claim that only silver particles are effective, which is absolutely not true. Both ions and particles are useful, however, silver ions work much more quickly and powerfully. But silver particles tend to have a longer lasting effect in the body because they work by releasing silver ions. If the particles did not release silver ions, they would not be effective.

In July, 2012, “New research by Rice University found that silver ions, not the particles themselves, are toxic to bacteria.” That is exactly what every book on colloidal silver that I own states very clearly. So in liquid form, silver ions are much more effective than particles, however both have benefits. Once a solution containing silver ions dries, it is no longer effective, which is why we make the colloidal silver for our Soothing Silver Gel extra strength with an abundance of particles and ions. The silver ions do the work initially, but then when the gel dries, the colloidal silver particles remain on the skin and are able to release silver ions into the skin for the benefit of your cut, scrape, burn, rash, etc.

Another benefit of LVDC produced colloidal silver is that the silver particles and ions have a natural (positive and negative) charge just like our bodies, and are absorbed and utilized more effectively than the artificial charge of HVAC produced particles.

Color and Clarity

The best colloidal silver will always be crystal clear for the following reasons. We just learned why silver ions are more effective than silver particles, so any good product will contain a decent portion of ions. And an ion is an atom that’s missing an electron, and you can’t get any smaller than an atom. In fact, ions are so small that they are completely dissolved into the water and cause no discoloration. Silver particles should be extremely small in size which will not reflect any spectrum of light, therefore keeping the liquid clear. Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver particles average about 1 nanometer, and the solution is always crystal clear.

Any time you see colloidal silver with color, usually either yellow or brown, you know at least one of two things: 1) either the particles are large enough to begin reflecting the light spectrum, or 2) there is some sort of additive. Neither of these cases are good, and I would caution against ingesting colloidal silver that is not clear. The colored varieties are most likely safe for external use, so if you have some you don’t necessarily have to waste it.

Parts Per Million (PPM)

Some companies will try to convince you that only colloidal silver in the hundreds of ppms will be effective. Again, absolutely not true when talking about a high quality product made with the preferred LVDC method. The industry standard is 10ppm for a reason. At this concentration, colloidal silver made correctly is both safe and effective. Once a solution becomes saturated with enough silver, smaller particles will tend to link together forming larger particles which are less effective and less safe. This process is called agglomeration and begins not far above 20ppm no matter how good the technology. Mountain Well-Being produces 15ppm colloidal silver, which is 1.5x stronger than the industry standard, because we use state-of-the-art equipment that is able to keep the particle size extremely small at this level.

Pretty much all of the brands that advertise 100’s of ppms, or even 1000’s, are making a product known as mild silver protein (MSP). These products are NOT safe and can definitely cause argyria, a permanent skin discoloration! To easily test for a MSP, shake the bottle vigorously and if foam persists (as if it looks like soapy bubbles are on the surface of the liquid), you have a MSP. Do not ingest!

The protein is usually gelatin or another animal product, so they are not vegan products. An analogy would be like tying a balloon to a brick to keep it from sinking. The particles of silver are so enormous in MSP that they would sink without the floatation assistance from the protein. But this protein coats the surface of the silver particles, keeping them from coming in contact with what they’re supposed to be targeting! There have actually been bacteria found living inside bottles of MSP because of this!


The best colloidal silver contains a nice mixture of both silver ions and silver particles, produced using LVDC, with the smallest possible particle size and a crystal clear liquid, in a concentration less than 20ppm to ensure the particles remain as small as possible, and without any additives. Mountain Well-Being is committed to making the finest colloidal solutions on the market. All batches are structured and energized using the latest techniques available. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

What questions do you have about the quality of colloidal silver that have been left unanswered?