What is the shelf life of colloidal silver?

How long will colloidal silver last if stored properly? What is the best way to store it? The shelf life of colloidal silver has been proven to last over 10 years when stored correctly! This is dependent on meeting the proper storage conditions. Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Silver comes with a guaranteed shelf life of three years.

What are the proper conditions to maximize shelf life of colloidal silver?

It’s simple, to correctly store colloidal silver to last as long as you need, there are three key factors to keep in mind.

  1. Store colloidal silver at room temperature. Extreme temperatures can shorten the shelf life.
  2. Keep colloidal silver out of direct light and store it in amber or cobalt colored glass containers. Plastic containers will definitely shorten the shelf life.
  3. Keep colloidal silver away from strong electromagnetic frequencies, such as appliances or computers. Each silver ion and particle have an electric charge that keeps them colloidal (or suspended) in the liquid. They can lose their charge more quickly when exposed to strong electromagnetic fields.

A kitchen cupboard or a bathroom medicine cabinet is an ideal spot to keep your bottle of colloidal silver. But honestly, I keep a bottle in my bathroom, kitchen, truck, next to my bed, and in my Camelbak for when I’m on the trail. As long as the conditions above are met, it really doesn’t matter where you keep it.

Where and how do you store your colloidal silver?