Colloidal Silver in an EmergencyWhat amount of colloidal silver in an emergency situation is safe to use?

Although most colloidal silver users consume between a teaspoon and a tablespoon at a time, one to three times per day when needed, sometimes there’s a reason to consume it more aggressively.

In an emergency situation, it is not uncommon for a person to take a tablespoon (or more) each waking hour. If one were to consume a tablespoon each hour for 16 hours, that would be a total of eight ounces per day, which is quite a bit. But if the colloidal silver is very high quality like Mountain Well-Being’s, it is perfectly safe to take this much for a temporary period of time. We recommend supplementing with probiotics when consuming large amounts of colloidal silver.

Nebulize Colloidal Silver

In addition to taking colloidal silver orally, it can be inhaled using an ultrasonic nebulizer. Typically a person might nebulize colloidal silver into their lungs up to three time per day while needed, using approximately one teaspoon per session. However, in an emergency, they might choose to nebulize six or more times per day. Colloidal silver can be taken both orally as well as nebulized into the lungs, alternating throughout the same day.

For How Long?

While the amounts listed above are on the high end and may seem excessive, it is safe to use properly made colloidal silver in this manner for days at a time or longer if/when needed. But we recommend taking a break from colloidal silver as soon as the emergency passes if large amounts have been consumed daily for an extended period of time. And probiotics are always a good idea to incorporate during and after taking large amounts of colloidal silver.