Colloidal Gold Now Half Price

Ruby Red Colloidal Gold

Is Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Gold now really half price? For years, our Colloidal Gold has been produced to 10ppm (parts per million), and we’ve received countless testimonials from customers reporting the benefits they received from using our Colloidal Gold. But now, Mountain Well-Being Colloidal Gold is produced to 20ppm – double the potency! This means there is twice the amount of gold per serving, effectively cutting the price per dose in half. You’ll notice the liquid is much redder than before, and with Colloidal Gold, the redder the better.

Our Colloidal Gold is made with the purest gold available, a purity even greater than regular 24 karat gold. It is a true Colloidal Gold solution containing 99.99+% pure gold nanoparticles – colloidally suspended in pure pharmaceutical grade water. The gold nanoparticles are so small they are not only absorbed into the blood stream after digestion, but they are small enough to later pass across the blood-brain barrier and be utilized by the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain. This is a premium Colloidal Gold dietary mineral supplement. You won’t find better Colloidal Gold anywhere at any price.

We’ve received testimonials from Colloidal Gold users reporting benefits such as:  reduced pain and arthritis symptoms, less anxiety and depression, reduced stress levels, elevated mood, improved libido, enhanced sleep and vivid dreams, increased willpower and a higher IQ.

How has Colloidal Gold has made a difference in your life?